Donating Money


Donations are a critical part of what we do and we are very grateful for your generosity. We accept donations in many different forms including donations of goods and monetary gifts. Both are greatly needed and we encourage you to consider the impact you can make with your resources and gifts. Monetary gifts can be sent to the following address:

Room at the Inn COMO

P.O. Box 272

Columbia, MO 65205

Printable Supply Donations List

RATI Donations List (pdf)


Donate Supplies

The following is a list of donations that we will always gladly accept. Donations can be dropped off at Broadway Christian Church with Debby Graham before 4:30pm.

Walmart Gift Cards​  

Shelter Operational Supplies 

Latex sterile gloves 

Non-Latex sterile gloves   

Sandwich-size plastic bags   

Plastic storage bags—gallon   

Plastic storage bags—quart   

Trash bags-30 gallon 

Trash bags-55 to 60 gallon   

Lysol spray 

Glade Plug-in refills 

Paper plates 

Paper bowls (no Styrofoam)   

Plastic forks 

Plastic spoons 


Coffee/regular cups 

Paper towels 

Toilet paper 


Cleaning supplies 

First aid supplies (band-aids, etc)   

Ear plugs  

Shelter Food Supplies 

Coffee, ground/regular   

Coffee, ground/decaf   

Coffee creamer 


Non-sugar sweeteners Lemonade mix (or other powdered mix)   

Peanut Butter Jelly (grape or strawberry)   

Dry breakfast cereal   

Oatmeal packs 

Ramen noodles packs (no bowls)   

Bread (we use 10 loaves per day)   

Granola bars 

Chips Cookies  



Lunch Meat 


Orange juice 

Cheese slices 


Guest Needs 

Warm gloves 

Jersey-knit style gloves 

Crew length socks 

Foot powder   

Hand warmers  

Nicotine patches 

Warm winter hats 

Thermal tops and bottoms (large sizes, L and up) 

Sweat pants and shirts (large sizes) 

T shirts (white—size L and up)   

Over-the-counter medications: Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, Imodium, pepto, Alka­Seltzer, etc. 

Travel-size toiletries  

Sleeping bags, gently used or new 

Tarps (8 x 10) 

Large backpack or rolling duffel bags (new or gently used)


Pledge Your Support in Other ways

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